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Membership Rules

As a member of our vibrant co-living community, we’re thrilled to have you on board. To ensure a harmonious living experience for all, we’ve established the following Membership Rules:


Respect the KoLyf® Community


KoLyf® is a community, and we expect all members to treat each other respectfully. Disrespectful behavior, including foul language, rude behavior, or yelling, will not be tolerated.


Violence or threats towards other members, KoLyf® staff, or anyone else is strictly prohibited.


Members are responsible for any damage they cause to the property.


Cleanliness and Maintenance


Our KoLyf® homes are designed to be clean and comfortable living spaces. Members are expected to maintain this by keeping their rooms and common areas clean and clutter-free.


Personal belongings should be kept out of common areas. Kitchen appliances should be kept clean and clear of items at all times.


Members are responsible for taking out the trash and ensuring that trash bins are brought to the curb on trash day and returned once emptied.


Quiet Time


To ensure everyone can rest and relax, we observe quiet time from 11:00 pm to 9:00 am daily. Please keep noise reasonable during this time and at all other times.


Smoking and Fire Safety


For the health and safety of our community, smoking of any kind is not allowed in KoLyf® properties. This includes tobacco, marijuana, and any form of combustion-created smoke.


Candles and space heaters are strictly prohibited due to the fire risk they pose.


Pets and Animals


To ensure the comfort of all our members, pets are not allowed in KoLyf® properties, except for service animals that have been pre-approved and registered with KoLyf®.


Guests and Occupancy


Due to the nature of co-living, guests are not allowed in KoLyf® properties. Only registered members may be present at any time.


Members may not share their entry codes with anyone. All KoLyf® staff and contractors will be provided with temporary access codes.


Members may only inhabit the room that they are booked for. It is against KoLyf® rules to occupy or move things into any other room in the home.




Please ensure your account is fully funded to avoid payment issues. Failed payments or excessive payment disputes are a violation of our terms.


Using a stolen payment method is strictly prohibited.


Safety and Security


Do not open the KoLyf® property to anyone you don’t know.


Replacing, altering, or damaging any locks on the property is strictly prohibited.


The use of illegal drugs, possession of firearms, or weapons of any kind at home is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate Membership termination and prosecution.


Using a fake identity or having another individual book a room for you is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination.




If you have a vehicle, please ensure it is registered and parked only in designated areas. Please do not block other cars, mailboxes, or trash bins.


Besides changing a flat tire, vehicles must not be worked on at KoLyf® properties.




Please help us conserve utilities by keeping windows closed and not adjusting the thermostat.


Members are responsible for conserving all utilities, including power, water, gas, and internet.




To ensure consistent quality of living spaces, outside furniture is not allowed in common areas of KoLyf® properties. It should only be kept in your leased room. Furniture in common areas must remain there at all times.


By adhering to these Membership Rules, we can ensure a positive and enjoyable living experience for all members of the KoLyf® community. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

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